4th Postgraduate Students' Workshop

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제4회 대양주한국학회 대학원생 워크샵(The 4th KSAA Biennial Postgraduate Workshop)

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학회명(Title) 제 4회 대양주한국학회 대학원생 워크샵 (The 4th KSAA Biennial Postgraduate Workshop)
일시(Date) 2016년 6월 30일(목) ~ 7월 1일(금) [June 30 ~ July 1, 2016]
장소(Venue) 뉴질랜드 오클랜드대학교 (Fale Pasifika, University of Auckland in New Zealand)
웹사이트(Website) https://koreanstudiesaa.wordpress.com

The Korean Studies Association of Australasia (KSAA) was founded in 1994 and has been actively promoting research in Korean Studies and Korea-related teaching in Australia and New Zealand for the past seventeen years. The KSAA conference has been held biennially since 1999. The KSAA conference provides Korean Studies scholars in the region with the opportunity to present their research, exchange feedback on their research, and hence assists in the development and promotion of Korean Studies in the region significantly. Following the success of the KSAA postgraduate workshop held at UNSW in November 2010, and Australian National University in November 2012 it was felt that the workshop should be on-going. The 4th workshop will be held at the University of Auckland in Auckland, New Zealand on June 29-July 1, 2016. The Workshop is designed to support and direct postgraduate scholars in Korean Studies in Australasia, which will ensure the continued growth of Korean studies and to renew the zeal and enthusiasm among young scholars of Korean Studies in the region.

제4회 대양주한국학회 대학원생 워크샵 발표자 명단

Number Field Last Name First Name University Keywords Research Title
1 Sociology/ Political science Anderson Amanda Australian National University North Korean Studies; Gender Studies North Korea and the United Nations Commission of Inquiry
2 Humanities Choi Wonjung University of New South Wales Korean Studies and Chinese Studies Popular culture representations of king Chŏngjo (r. 1776-1800) in the Chosŏn dynasty in 18th century
3 Sociology/Political science Cowan Jacob University of Auckland Asian Studies; Political Science No title: "The theoretical impact of this paper contends that while everyday resistance is becoming more tolerated by the Kim regime, the consistency of repressing anything deemed politically challenging or offensive towards the Kim regime has not changed."
4  Language / Linguistics Cavor Jovan University of Auckland Korean Students Learning English and Identity Changes
5 Sociology/Political science Flamm Patrick University of Auckland No title: "This paper is a role theoretical analysis of Korean peacekeeping deployment from 2005 to 2015."
6 Humanities Heward Lehyla Victoria University of Wellington Chinese Inquiries into the Critical Aesthetics of Korean and Chinese Literature in Manchuria
7 Language/ Linguistics Joo Alice University of New South Wales Linguistics Characteristics of English-L1 KHL Learners’ Orthographic Errors
8 Language/ Linguistics Jung Sin Ji University of New South Wales Korean Studies (Korean Language Education) Investigation into Heritage Speakers of Korean in Primary School Years in Australia
9 Humanities Kelso-Marsh Caleb The University of Western Australia Korean and Japanese Studies ‘Korean Noir’: A Critique of Modernity
10 Kim Jung-Sim Monash University No title: "I think that it will be very useful for the postgraduate students to know research skills on Korean Studies Resources. I would like to provide a special session for postgraduate students at the KSAA Postgraduate Workshop."
11 Sociology/ Political science Lee Hun Victoria University of Wellington Criminology Punitive penal trends of South Korea since 2000 and its conditions
12 Language/ Linguistics Lee Jieun University of Otago Korean language and teaching; Linguistic typology Korean RC formation: Structural limitations and functional solutions
13 Humanities Lee Youngzie University of Auckland Special Education; Developmental Psychology Korean parents of children with a developmental disability: Parenting practices, programme preferences, and programme effectiveness
14 Sociology/Political science Lewis David University of Auckland Law; Philosophy The Conceptual Ends of Democracy: An Analysis of the Compatibility of Deliberative and Militant Democracy with Reference to the Dissolution of the South Korean Unified Progressive Party
15 Humanities Lipura Sarah Jane Domingo Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines Political Science (BA); Asian Studies (MA) Korean Education Transmigration in the Philippines
and the Crisis of Human Capital Formation
16 Humanities Matesic Josip University of Wollongong History South Korean Soft Power and the Growing Halal Tourism Industry
17 Sociology/ Political science Park Joohyun (Justine) University of Auckland No title: "this study presents the findings of a qualitative semi-structured interview study concerning cultural and personal conceptions of success between five Korean and five European New Zealander (Kiwi) university students."
18 Sociology/ Political science Park Lynne Soon-Chean University of Auckland Social Work No title: "I will explore the conventional notion of trust in Korean society that reflects the theoretical discourses in the literature and incorporates the four related trust related constructs, specifically, trust, trustworthiness beliefs, propensity to trust, and trusting behaviour, to inform the indigenous notion of trust in the context of Korean society."
19 Humanities Soh Kai Ruo University of Wollongong Media and Cultural Studies Korean-Chinese Film Collaborations in a New Age of Cultural Globalisation
20 Humanities Twining Lyndsey Academy of Korean Studies Korean studies, Digital humanities Data-based Interpretive Texts: New Insight into Korea’s Cultural Heritages
21 Sociology/Political science Waters Jay Victoria University of Wellington Asian Studies Driving for Success: Korean New Zealanders, Golf, and the 1.5 Generation
22 Language/ Linguistics Yoon & Lawrence Jin and Richard Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) Applied Linguistics Expectations and experiences:Korean students in tertiary study in New Zealand