Adam Cathcart

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  • Name: Adam Cathcart
  • Nationality: United Kingdom
  • Affiliation: University of Leeds


  • Ph.D. Ohio University, History, 2005
  • M.A. Ohio University, History, 2003
  • B.M. Case Western Reserve University, Music, 1999


  • University of Leeds, Lecturer in Chinese History, 2013–present
  • Queen’s University, Belfast, Lecturer in Asian History, 2012–2013
  • Pacific Lutheran University (Washington, USA), Assistant Professor of History, 2011-2012 / [Tenure awarded, December 2010] Assistant Professor of History, 2007–2010
  • Hiram College (Ohio, USA), Assistant Professor of History, 2005–2007 / Instructor of History, 2004-2005


  • Change and Continuity in North Korean Ideology and Leadership under Kim Jong-un edited volume with Routledge, co-edited with Robert Winstanley-Chesters and Christopher Green; due for publication in October 2016.

<Forthcoming (Work that is contracted or accepted, essays completed and with the editors, but not yet in print)>

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