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Provided Programs&Courses


  1. Program (Korea-related degree offered) : Expanding East Asian Studies (ExEAS)
    • Program Remarks - Supported by a grant from the Freeman Foundation and based at the Weatherhead East Asian Institute of Columbia University, the Expanding East Asian Studies (ExEAS) website presents innovative courses and teaching materials that incorporate the study of East Asia in broad thematic, transnational, and interdisciplinary contexts and provides models for incorporating East Asia into general education, disciplinary, and survey courses in undergraduate curricula.
  2. Program (Korea-related degree offered) : Major in East Asian Studies
    • Program Remarks - The Department offers a major for both Columbia College and General Studies students, as well as a minor for SEAS students. The department also offers several courses for non-majors that serve as an introduction to East Asian history and literature.
    1. Korea-related Courses : Introductory Korean A & B
      • Course Remarks - The two courses are equivalent to First Year Korean I. The courses are designed to develop the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing and grammatical knowledge. Students will also take a deep dive into the culture of Korea.
    2. Korea-related Courses : First Year Korean N & Second Year Korean N
      • Course Remarks - First Year Korean N & Second Year Korean N are for students with no Korean background.
    3. Korea-related Courses : First Year Korean I/II & Second Year Korean I/II
      • Course Remarks - Basic training in Korean through listening, reading, speaking and writing skills and grammar for students who have some Korean background.
    4. Korea-related Courses : Third Year Korean I/II & Fourth Year Korean I/II
      • Course Remarks - Third Year Korean offers two sections, and Fourth Year Korean one section. Additional individual help is offered to accommodate different linguistic levels and to meet students’ different needs and goals in studying Korean.
    5. Korea-related Courses : Fifth Year Korean I/II
      • Course Remarks - Fifth Year Korean I/II offers one section. It focuses on readings of advanced modern literary, historical, political and journalistic texts, and a wide range of materials. The requirement for Ph.D. students in Korean studies.
    6. Korea-related Courses : Advanced Korean in Mixed Script
      • Course Remarks - Advanced Korean in Mixed Script is offered in every other year (fall semester only). This course is designed to provide both M.A and Ph.D. students in Korean studies with the necessary skills for reading advanced Korean in mixed script. It focuses on the period from the late-19th century to the mid-20th century. The requirement for Ph.D. students in Korean studies.
  3. Program (Korea-related degree offered) : East Asian Studies Concentration


  1. Program (Korea-related degree offered) : Five Year Combined BA-MA Program
    • Program Remarks - Students enrolled at Columbia College, SEAS, Barnard, and the School of General Studies may apply for early admission to the M.A. program in East Asian Languages and Cultures and begin their M.A. coursework in their senior year while completing their undergraduate degree.


  1. Program (Korea-related degree offered) : M.A. in East Asian Languages and Culture
    • Program Remarks - The Master of Arts program is a regionally focused humanities program designed for students with limited backgrounds in East Asian languages or studies. Its aim is to provide a broad overview of the field and to equip students with language skills necessary to undertake more advanced research.
  2. Program (Korea-related degree offered) : Ph.D. in East Asian Languages and Culture
    • Program Remarks - The Doctor of Philosophy program, which requires a minimum of three years of study in an East Asian language for admittance, is designed to prepare qualified full-time students for the Doctor of Philosophy degree. Students participate in a variety of courses, colloquia, and seminars designed to provide the student with historical breadth and critical acumen, the ability to read and analyze texts in East Asian languages, and the skills necessary to carry out original research.


  1. Program (Korea-related degree offered) : Korean Language Program

Designated Center

  • Korean Studies Center : Center for Korean Legal Studies
  • Main Organization : Columbia Law School
  • Date Center founded : 1994
  • Korean Studies Center address : Columbia Law School, Center for Korean Legal Studies, Mail Code: 4024, Box A-19, 435 West 116th Street, New York, NY 10027
  • Center website :
  • Korea-related Journal :