KS Grant 2013년도 학술연구 과제목록

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번호 국가 신청기관 과제책임자 신청과제명
1 캐나다 McGill University James Thomas Digitizing Late Choson & Colonial Korea (1890-1945):

The Norman Thorpe Postcard Collection

2 미국 University of Illinois Joseph Sung-Yul Park/Adrienne Shiu-Ming Lo Mobility, mediatization and energistement in transnational South Korea
3 미국 University of Michigan Miyoen Ahn Cross Language Speech Perception & English Loanword Adaptation
4 미국 University of Utah Suhi Choi Examining three Korean War Memorials in South Korea and USA:
the Jeju Peace Memorial Partk, the No Gun Ri Peace Park,
and the Korean War Veterans Memorial in DC
5 미국 Hawaii Pacific University Jong Hwa Lee War and memory: Recounting collective memories
for historical justice and reconciliation
6 캐나다 East Asian Studies Department, University of Toronto Young Shil Youn Rethinking Korean Nationalism under Colonialism
- Focusing on Pan-nationalism among Korean Diaspora in Manchuria
7 미국 University of Rochester 강경래 Between two Deaths: Cultural Memories of Comfort Women and
Residual Traces of the Colonial Past
8 러시아 Institute of Oriental Studies Russian Academy of Sciences Bella Pak Nam Manchun (Nam Pavel Nikiforovich) - Korean revolutionary and internationalist. From the history of the formation of
the Korean communist movement.
9 영국 Queen's University Belfast
(소속기관 변경: University of Leeds)
Adam Cathcart Documenting cultural and political information strategies
on the Korean Peninsula, 2012-13
10 우즈베키스탄 타슈켄트 동방학대학교 김빅토리야
(Kim Viktoriya)
우즈베키스탄 한인(고려인)의 고려극장과 극장예술활동
11 영국 Durham University,
Music Department
Simon R. S Mills Three Generations of Ritual Rhythms:
The Changing Faces of Korea's East Coast Shaman Ritual Music
12 미국 Illinois State University Hyun-Sook Kang The Korean Language and its international Transmission in the Korean Diaspora in the United States: Korean American Families' Policies and Practices
13 슬로베니아 The Faculty of Arts,
University of Ljubljana
Lee Yong 문어로서 한국어의 탄생 -차자표기의 기원과 발달-
14 중국 연변대학교 최웅권 중국 요녕성 국립도서관 소장 『해동명필첩』선본 연구
15 중국 연변대학교 장성일 평안방언의 음운 연구
16 캐나다 York University Thomas Klassen The future of contractual mandatory retirement in aging Korean and Japan
17 방글라데시 Asia Pacific Institute for
Global Studies (APIGS)
Monir Hossain Moni Bridging the Culture Gap between South Korea and South Asia
in the New Era of Globalization and Cultural Diversity
18 라오스 Souphanouvong University, Department of Economics Lee Yohan From Dependency to Developmental Economy:
Korean Experience and Implication for Lao Economy
19 중국 연변대학교 박정군 안전한 학교공동체 구축을 위한 중국 조선족중학교의 학교폭력실태 연구
20 미국 University of California,
San Diego
Jong-sung You The Causes and Consequences of Election Campaign Restrictions:
Korea and Japan Compared
21 호주 The University of Queensland Jeeweon Shin Transnational Influences of Hybridized K-Pops on Overseas Korean Youths
22 루마니아 University of Bucharest Valentina Marinescu Searching the Sameness and Otherness through Hallyu
- A Comparative Analysis of South Korea Popular Products' Impact
in Balkans and Central Europe
23 미국 Lewis & Clark College Pil Ho Kim Conflict, Competition, Cooperation: Human Security and Development
in the Korean Peninsula
24 미국 American University Ji-Young Lee Korea and International Order in Traditional East Asia

(전통시대 동아시아의 한국과 국제질서)

25 미국 Texas A&M University Hoi-eun Kim Peddlers of Health: Patent Medicine and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
in Colonial Korea
26 미국 UCLA Lee Sumi Toward a New Paradigm of East Asian Yogacara Buddhism:
Taehyon (ca.8th Century CE), a Korean Yogacara Monk, and His Predecessors
27 미국 University of Minnesota
- Twin Cities
김민구 Sokkuram and Iran: The Domed Korean Buddhist Sanctuary with a
Central Image for Circumambulation and its Precedents in Kucha(Xinjiang)
28 홍콩/중국 City University of Hong Kong 권혁찬 Revisiting the Classic: Locating and Analyzing Critical Editions and
Versions of the Romance of Three Kingdoms in Korea
29 중국 천진사범대학교 전월매 백석과 만주
30 영국 University of Sheffield Kook-Hee Gil Acquisition of Korean wh-words by Heritage Speakers
and Second Language Learners