KS Grant 2014년도 학술연구 과제목록

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번호 국가 신청기관 과제책임자 신청과제명
1 미국 University of Utah Suhi Choi Examining three Korean War Memorials in South Korea and USA:
the Jeju Peace Memorial Park, the No Gun Ri Peace Park,
and the Korean War Veterans Memorial in DC
2 캐나다 East Asian Studies Department, University of Toronto Young Shil Youn
Rethinking Korean Nationalism under Colonialism
- Focusing on Pan-nationalism among Korean Diaspora in Manchuria
3 러시아 Institute of Oriental Studies Russian Academy of Sciences Bella Pak Nam Manchun (Nam Pavel Nikiforovich) - Korean revolutionary and internationalist. From the history of the
formation of the Korean communist movement.
4 우즈베키스탄 타슈켄트 동방학대학교 김빅토리야
(Kim Viktoriya)
우즈베키스탄 한인(고려인)의 고려극장과 극장예술활동
5 슬로베니아 The Faculty of Arts,
University of Ljubljana
Lee Yong 문어로서 한국어의 탄생 -차자표기의 기원과 발달-
6 호주 University of South Australia 이유일 The Impact of Foreign Multinational Corporations in South Korea:
Evolution, Dynamics and Contradictions
7 일본 Sophia University,
Faculty of Liberal Arts
Sandra Fahy Insights from North Korean Military Defectors
8 중국 중앙민족대학교 오상순 요녕조선족문학사
9 미국 University of Kansas 윤지소 The Role of Political Parties in Promoting Women's Political Representation:
The Case of Sub-National Parliamentary Elections in South Korea
10 아르헨티나 University of Buenos Aires (UBA) María del Pilar Álvarez The Forgotten Hallyu: The Renaissance of South Korean Independent Documentary Films. A History of Imagined Realities
11 중국 Shanghai International Studies University Liu Hongsong ROK's Middle Power Diplomacy and China
-ROK Coordination in the G20 Process
12 미국 Washington University
in St. Louis
Kim Seong-Uk The Buddhist-Confucian Intersection in Late Choson
13 영국 SOAS Vivian Wei-wan Lee Translation as communication: Korean-speaking learners'
intercultural mediator roles in the translation of culture-specific lexis
14 미국 Oklahoma State University Seungho Moon Donghak (Eastern Learning) and Epistemology:
Implication for Diversity and Social Transformation
15 영국 University of Kent Amalia Arvaniti An experimental investigation of prominence and rhythm in Korean
한국어 돋들림과 리듬의 실험음성학적 연구
16 캐나다 Simon Fraser University 진달용 The Cultural Interpretation of Buddhism in the digital Media Industiries
17 호주 The University of Sydney Ruth Phillips Being Australian?: A study of Korean Australians' social, economic and
political participation in Australian Society
18 미국 University of Hawaii at Manoa 이혜은 Uses of polite speech acts such as “apology” and “thank you”
in requesting messages in Korea and their cultural differences
among Korea, Japan and the USA.
19 캐나다 University of Calgary 김규민 Animacy and Verb in Korean
20 캐나다 University of Toronto 추해연 Gender and the Boundary Work of the Nation: Social Integration Programs for Marriage Migrant Women in South Korea and Taiwan
21 미국 University of Hawaii at Manoa 김민선 A Comparative Analysis of Linguistic Forms of
Re_requesting Korean and American English
22 미국 Stony Brook University Richard Cho The Role of Pan_Ethnic Identity in Intergroup Cooperation
among Korean-American Immigration
23 미국 The University of North Carolina at Greensboro 진병호 민서하 Promoting Korean National Image through the Analysis of Korean Cultural Objects (미국내 한국 문화 오브제 분석을 통한 한국이미지 홍보)
24 미국 UCLA 이남희 Social Memory and Public History in South Korea
25 미국 American University Jin Y. Park Philosophy and Modernity in Korea
26 미국 University of Kentucky Tiffany D. Barnes Gender Stereotypes and Election Coverage in South Korea
27 멕시코 Universidad Autónoma de Nayarit 윤상철 스페인어권 한국학 현황 분석
28 싱가포르 National University of Singapore Erik Mobrand Returned Chinese North Koreans: A study of a transnational community
29 호주 RMIT University Reina Ichii Analysing the effectiveness of a legislative approach to
gender responsive budgeting in South Korea
30 프랑스 La Rochelle University 권용해 프랑스 대학교에서의 한국어 능력 평가방법 개발 제안에 대한 연구
(Study on proposing evaluation methods of Korean language proficiency in French University
31 호주 The University of Western Australia Joanna Elfving-Hwang Elderly South Korean Women's Somatic Subjectivities and Technologies of Self in an Image-Conscious Society
32 대만 Academia Sinica, Institutum Iurisprudentiae Neil Chisholm Developing a Theory of Prosecutorial Independence:
An Analysis of the Organization of Korea's Prosecutors
33 싱가포르 Singapore Management University Yooil Bae Decentralization and Local Democracy without Civic Tradition:
Idea, Politics, and Regional Development in South Korea
34 영국 King’s College London Hye-Kyung Lee Cultural Policy in South Korea: from Cultural Control to the Korean Wave
35 중국 연변대학교 반창화 <성학십도>와 <성학집요>를 통해본 동아세아유교사에서의 한국성리학의 위치
36 중국 연변대학교 손춘일 한국전쟁 발발 후 탈북 조선인들에 대한 중국정부의 정책
37 중국 연변대학교 문화 중국진출 한국기업의 공급사슬파트너십형성요인과 성과에 관한 연구
- 중국연변지역을 중심으로