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과제책임자 소개

  • Name: Lok-yin (Login) LAW 羅樂然
  • Nationality: Hong Kong
  • Affiliation: Nanyang Technological University


  • PhD in Chinese (Ongoing) (Supervisor: Dr. I Lo-fen) (GPA: 5/5) (Candidature confirmation will be effective on April 2016)
Nanyang Technological University | 08/2015 –
  • MA in Comparative and Public History
The Chinese University of Hong Kong | 09/2012 – 07/2013
  • BA in History & BED in Liberal Studies Teaching
Hong Kong Baptist University | 09/2008 - 06/2012


  • 9/2015 to now Student Assistant, Nanyang Technological University

- Conducting various research projects on Chinese and East Asian literature - Organizing International Conference

  • 9/2014 to now Research Assistant I, Jao Tsung-I Petite Ecole, The University of Hong Kong

- Conducting various research projects on Chinese history, culture and literature

  • 9/2014 to 7/2015 PT Lecturer, School of Arts and Social Sciences, The Open University of Hong Kong

- Teaching postgraduate courses: Chinese Culture, History and Tourism, Graduate Research Writing & Methods for Cultural & Heritage Tourism, Hong Kong History, Society & Culture and Intangible Cultural Heritage in HK

  • 6/2014 to 7/2014 Visiting Lecturer, International Summer School, Chonbuk National University, Korea

- Taught an undergraduate course- Course Subject: Sino-Korean Historical Relations

  • 1/2014 to 7/2014 PT Instructor, Li Ka Shing Institute of Professional and Continuing Education, The Open University of Hong Kong

- Taught a Yijin Diploma course: Korean Popular Culture

  • 6/2012 to 8/2014 Research Assistant, Department of History, Hong Kong Baptist University

- Designed fieldwork questionnaires and logistical paperwork - Identified and retrieved primary and secondary source materials - Organized oral history seminar - Developed a teaching-related database on the history of Northeast Asia

  • 7/2013 Special Researcher, Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies, Seoul National University, Korea

- Conducted a funded research project in Kyujanggak Archive and Library


  • “朝鮮時代漢語教科書與譯官赴華使行知識的掌握──以《象院題語》為研究中心 Brief Study of Chinese Text Books and Interpreters’ Understanding of Chinese Culture during Chosŏn Dynasty.” 域外漢籍研究集刊Journal of Overseas Chinese Classics 13(2016). (Accepted) Forthcoming. (CSSCI中文社會科學引文索引)
  • “東亞文化圈視野下朝鮮後期對澳門的認知 Late Chosŏn’s Understanding on Macau under the Perspective of East Asian Cultural Interaction.” 成大歷史學報 Cheng Kung Journal of Historical Studies. (Accepted) Forthcoming. (THCI Core臺灣人文學引文索引核心期刊)
  • “東亞文化交流視野下的朝鮮譯官角色──以譯官金指南的活動為中心 The Role of Chosŏn Interpreter by the Perspectives of East Asian Cultural Interaction: The Study of Kim Chi-nam’s Activities.” 東洋學 Oriental Studies 62(2016): 55-76.(KCI 韓國學術誌引用索引)
  • “朝鮮燕行使視野下的乾隆禁教期間耶穌會士──以洪大容的《湛軒燕記》為研究對象 Jesuits during Qianlong Persecution of Christians Period in the View of Chosŏn Yŏnhaengsa: Case Study of Hong Tae-yong’s Tamhŏn Yŏnki.” Ming Qing Yanjiu 19 (2015). (In Press) Forthcoming.
  • “燕行使團擔任文化媒介的朝鮮譯官──以金慶門(1673-1737年)為研究中心 Chosŏn Official Interpreters as Cultural Agents in the Mission to Beijing—Case Study of Kim Kyŏng-mun (1673-1737).” 漢學研究Chinese Studies 33.3(2015): 345-378. (THCI Core)
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  • “漢語與事大:從朝鮮的漢語翻譯人材培訓看其對明政策的轉變 Chinese Langauge and Serving the Great: The Training of Chosǒn Interpreters of Chinese Language and the Transformation of Chosǒn's Diplomatic Policy to Ming Dynasty.” 漢學研究集刊 Yuntech Journal of Chinese Studies 19(2014): 109-136. (THCI 臺灣人文學引文索引期刊)
  • “開港前朝鮮知識份子對西洋地理的認知與考辨──以李圭景和其《五洲衍文長箋散稿》為研究中心 The Understanding and Anlaysis of Western Geographical Knowledge of Chosŏn Intellectuals before 1876 Ports Opening: Based on the Case Study of I Guy-gyeong and his ‘Ojuyeonmunjangjeonsango’.” 동서인문 Journal of East-West Humanities 2(2014): 105-130.
  • “作為媒介的燕行使──柳厚祚1866年的燕行與朝鮮開港前的東北亞資訊認知 Yeonhaengsa as agents: The 1866 Mission of Yu Hu-jo and the Northeast Asian Understanding of Chosŏn before Ports Opening.” 한국학논집 Keimyung Korean Studies Journal. 53(2013): 393-417. (KCI)
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