LI Jinshi

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과제책임자 소개

  • Name: LI Jinshi
  • Nationality: China
  • Affiliation: Yanbian University


  • Department of Korean Literature, College of Korea, Study of Yanbian University, Ph. D. 2010-2016
  • Department of English Language and literature, Chonbuk National University of Korea, MA 2000-2003
  • English Department of Yanbain University, BA 1987-1991


  • English Department of Yanbian University 2003- present
  • English Teaching Office of Yanbain Agriculture College 1991-2000


  • Mode of Characters’ Relationship and Korean Aesthetics in The Man from Nowhere, Foreign Literature Critics, 2011
  • An Analysis of Racism in “A Man Who Was Almost a Man”, Journal of Language and Literature Studies, 2014
  • No Name Woman in Comfort Woman, Journal of Language and Literature Studies, 2015
  • Name Construction and Ethnic Identity of Korean Americans: An Analysis of Nora Okja Keller’s Comfort Woman, Journal of Yanbian University (Social Science), 2016.