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Provided Programs&Courses


  1. Program (Korea-related degree offered) : Asian and Pacific Studies (BA - Minor)
    • Program Remarks - The Asian and Pacific Studies Program offers students who have a professional or personal interest in Asian and Pacific countries the opportunity to develop cultural expertise through an integrated course of study, primarily in the liberal arts. Using various disciplines, including languages, the program aims to achieve a better understanding of the peoples and traditions of Asia and the Pacific and some contemporary issues facing the region.
    1. Korea-related Courses : INBA 2998 Special Studies: International Business Studies: Exploring Asian Culture
      • Course Remarks - An introduction to the culture and history of East Asia for understanding today’s Asian business world.
    2. Korea-related Courses : INBA 4898/MGMT 4698/ENTR 4398 Global Sustainability: Challenges and Prospects in East Asia
      • Course Remarks - This course takes a close look at what is happening in business strategy today through the ‘lens’ of sustainability. We will explore corporate sustainability challenges and opportunities in a global context and with a particular emphasis on East Asian countries such as Korea, Japan and China.
    3. Korea-related Courses : ASPA 302; ENGL 341 Masterpieces of East Asian Literature
      • Course Remarks - This course introduces canonical works in the literary traditions of China, Japan, and Korea. The course aims for students to gain deeper insights into East Asian cultures, and to enhance skills in literary analysis and critical thinking.
    4. Korea-related Courses : Popular Culture in East Asia
      • Course Remarks - This course examines popular culture and identity formation in Japan, Korea, and China through a study of television, print media, film, and popular music. Course units will focus specifically on: (1) Japanese manga and anime; (2) Chinese martial arts film; and (3) Korean dramas and popular music.
    5. Korea-related Courses : ASPA 487.01 Asian Mythology
      • Course Remarks - This class will examine mythology and folktales from various Asian traditions: China, Japan, Korea, the Philippines and India. We will study the reading materials through psychological (Freudian), philosophical (religious) and cultural approaches: a) how myth is central to our civilization in the past and present; b) how myth relates to the meaning of the universe; and c) how myth manifests the significance of human life itself.
  2. Program (Korea-related degree offered) : Asian Pacific American Studies (BA - Minor)
    • Program Remarks - APAM offers a minor program in Asian Pacific American Studies. The hallmark of the program is its flexibility and its rigor. The APAM minor program allows students to design a highly tailored curriculum that will serve their specific academic and professional interests. All APAM minors must complete an original research project that results in a thesis. Recent students who have minored in APAM have successfully gone on to law school, graduate school, teaching, government, business and other fields.

Training Program (MBA Students)

  1. Program (Korea-related degree offered) : TRAINING PROGRAM FOR KOREAN MBA STUDENTS
    • Program Remarks - Center for Asian Business hosted a training program for MBA students from Yonsei University, one of the top universities in Korea. The weeklong program focused on “Innovation in the Entertainment Industry” and included lectures at LMU and corporate visits to local entertainment companies Machinima, YouTube and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Summer Study

  1. Program (Korea-related degree offered) : Summer Study in Korea
    • Program Remarks - The Center for Asian Business at Loyola Marymount University awards summer scholarships for Cultural Immersion Experience in Korea

Designated Center

  • Korean Studies Center : Center for Asian Business
  • Main Organization : Loyola Marymount University
  • Date Center founded : 1995
  • Korean Studies Center address : Office: 310.338.7594, Fax: 310.338.7790, E-mail: cab@lmu.edu
  • Center website : http://cba.lmu.edu/centers/centerforasianbusiness/
  • Korea-related Journal :