Panel 19

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일시 Date Session 4 10월 7일(금), 9:00-10:30 (Oct. 7. Fri. 9:00-10:30)
장소 Venue Room 337
사회자 Moderator 박은영 Eunyoung Park (University of Kansas)
발표 분야 Disciplines 미술, 건축, 환경
발표자 Speaker Nancy S. Steinhardt University of Pennsylvania Six Features of Three Kingdoms Period Architecture Abstract
Wonhyung Kim
The Academy of Korean Studies
건축물 배치(配置) 형태로 본 東⦁西 종교 건축물의 유사성에 관한 연구
- 계단과 문(門)과 건축 중심선을 중심으로 –
Eunyoung Park
University of Kansas Social, Cultural, and Critical Space Surrounding Do-ho Suh’s Works of Art: Site-Specific Reading of Some/One Abstract
Margaret Gerhart University of Pennsylvania Separated at Birth: The Korea Paradox Abstract
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