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일시 Date Session 1 10월 6일(목), 10:30-12:00 (Oct. 6. Thu. 10:30-12:00)
장소 Venue Room 337
사회자 Moderator 한송열 Songyeol Han (Princeton University)
발표 분야 Disciplines 역사 2(근현대)
발표자 Speaker 임향란
Sichuan International Studies University
중경시대 독립운동가 김준엽과 <장정> Abstract
모리 마유코
Mayuko Mori
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Korean Emperor Kojong and China -Why did the Great Han Empire form on October 12, 1897?- Abstract
Songyeol Han
Princeton University De-centralizing China: Reading Chinese books in Korea, 1882–1910 Abstract
Heejeong Sohn
SUNY at Stony Brook Photography and Kojong’s Body politics: Reading through Silence, Absence, and Contradictions in the Official Documents of the Chosŏn Dynasty Abstract
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