Panel 30

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일시 Date Session 6 10월 7일(금), 13:30-15:00 (Oct. 7. Fri. 13:30-15:00)
장소 Venue Room 203
사회자 Moderator 윤수련 Soo Ryon Yoon

(Northwestern University)

발표 분야 Disciplines 문화, 예술, 영화 3
패널주제 Panel Title Performance in/and Global South Korea
발표자 Speaker 윤수련
Soo Ryon Yoon
Northwestern University (Un)Doing the Partnership: Cultural and Political-Economic Implications of ‘Korean-African’ Dance Performances Abstract
Chuyun Oh
East Asian Languages and Literatures at Hamilton College Being “Abnormal,” (Dis)empowering Other: Girl Power Rhetoric and Fandom on YouTube Abstract
Ji Hyon (Kayla) Yuh
Theatre at CUNY Graduate Center Performing Global Korea: K-Musical in East Asia Abstract
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