Panel 32

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일시 Date Session 7 10월 7일(금), 15:30-17:00 (Oct. 7. Fri. 15:30-17:00)
장소 Venue Room 337
사회자 Moderator 송창주 Changzoo Song

(University of Auckland)

발표 분야 Disciplines 현대사회 4
발표자 Speaker 송창주
Changzoo Song
University of Auckland The Waning of Ethnic Nationalism and Rising of Globalism: Changes in Transnational Marriages and Everyday Nationalism in South Korea Abstract
Suyoung Kang
Erciyes University Proxy investment: English fever from mothers' perspectives in South Korea Abstract
William C. Dunkel 고려대학교
Korea University
Appropriated Koreanness: Orientalism, Authenticity, and the Mutated Authority of “Eat Your Kimchi” Abstract
Justine Guichard Sciences Po The Conflictual Legacy of South Korea’s Participation in the Vietnam War Veterans’ Struggles for Victimhood Recognition and Denial Abstract
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