Panel 6

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일시 Date Session 2 10월 6일(목), 13:00-14:30 (Oct. 6. Thu. 13:00-14:30)
장소 Venue Room 402
사회자 Moderator 솔다토바 마리아 Maria V. Soldatova (Moscow State Linguistic University)
발표 분야 Disciplines 역사 3(근현대)
패널주제 Panel Title Reflection of Contemporary Korean History in Memoir Literature
발표자 Speaker 솔다토바 마리아
Maria V. Soldatova
Moscow State Linguistic University Between Collective and Individual Memory: Korean War (1950-1953) in Fiction and Memoirs Abstract
쿠르바노프 세르게이
Sergei O. Kurbanov
Saint Petersburg University Autobiography by Kim Gu “Baekbeom Ilji” as the source of historical information: methodological problems Abstract
김 나탈리아
Natalia Kim
School of Asian Studies of National Research University
"Higher School of Economics"
The Turning Points of South Korean History in the Autobiographical Writings of its Political Leaders:
Analyzing Kim Dae-jung and Roh Moo-hyun’s Memories
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