Sarah Domingo Lipura

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Sarah Domingo Lipura
Name in Latin Alphabet: Sarah Domingo Lipura
Nationality: Philippines
Affiliation: University of the Philippines

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SARAH DOMINGO LIPURA, MA 1982.10.10 / /+63 917 821 9433

BA Political Science, cum laude (University of the Philippines) MA Asian Studies, Major in Korea (University of the Philippines)


•Associate Director, Ateneo Initiative for Korean Studies (AIKS), Ateneo de Manila University

•Korean Studies Coordinator, Loyola Schools, Ateneo de Manila University

•Instructor, (Korean Language [Pioneer]), Modern Languages Department, School of Humanities, Ateneo de Manila University


Minor in Korean Studies Program

•Proponent (Department of Modern Languages, Ateneo de Manila University)

Regular Class (Introductory Korean Language/핚국 언어와 문화)

•Ateneo de Manila University, Modern Languages Department (2010-present / Pioneer)

  • Co-author of FLC Kor 1 (Basic Korean Language and Culture) Supplementary Module (2012, November)

•Convener, Ateneo Modern Languages Department–Yonsei Korean Language Institute Partnership for the Korea Summer Study Tour Program (2012-present)

•Mater Dei College, Bohol (2008, Summer / Recommended by the Korean Embassy / Pioneer) • International Evangelical College, Antipolo (2006-2008) Extramural Class (Introductory and Intermediate Korean/초급-중급 핚국어)

•Ateneo Center for Asian Studies (ACAS), Ateneo de Manila University (2008-2012 / Pioneer)

•Asian Development Bank (2012 / Pioneer)

•Asian Center for Asian Languages, Manila (2006-2008)


•"How to Commend in Korean" – Korean 101 Class (2013, 5th Philippine Kpop Convention)

•Introductory Hangeul Class for Tourism and HRM Students of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina (2012, Marikina City)

•TOPIK/Test of Proficiency in Korean Review Class (2012-present, Ateneo Initiative for Korean Studies,

Ateneo de Manila University)


•Overseas Korean Studies Incubation Program Grant, Project Director (Academy of Korean Studies, USD45000/year for 3 years: 2012-2015)

•Korean Studies Conference Grant, Conference Convener (Academy of Korean Studies, USD4000+/lump-sum, 2014)

•Sogang Korean Language Education Center (KLEC) Training Fellowships: (a) 외국어로서의 핚국어 교육을 위핚 교사 연수 과정- Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language; (b) Korean Level 5/5 급 (2013, Sogang Korean Language Education Center)

•Korea Foundation Fellowship, Korean Language Training – Levels 2 & 3, Yonsei University; Level 4, Sogang University/핚국국제교류재단 핚국어 펠로십 장학생 프로그램 이수: 연세대학교: 2-3 급, 서강대학교: 4 급 핚국어 과: 수료 (2006, Seoul)

•Founder/Organizer/Participant, Workshop on Teaching Methodology for Philippine-Based Korean Language Teachers/PHILTOKEN (2012, Ateneo Initiative for Korean Studies, Ateneo de Manila University)

•Trainee, Workshop for Korean Language Teachers in the Philippines (2011, Korean Cultural Center, Manila)

•Trainee, Korean Language and Training Center Scholarship on Basic Korean/핚국언어문화훈련원 초급 핚국어 과정 이수 (2005, University of the Philippines)

•Trainee, 12 units of Korean language class under a KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency) volunteer teacher, University of the Philippines (2005, Manila)


•Awardee, 2014 Korea Tourism Organization-Philippines, Korea Study Tour for the Academe (Nov 2014, Makati City)

•Presenter, 2014 Korean Embassy-Asian Institute of Management Forum on „Envisioning the Future Partnership of the Philippines and Korea within ASEAN” (Oct 2014, Makati City)

•Presenter, 2014 Korea-Philippines Copyright Forum: Development of Cultural Content in Copyright Systems by the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines and the Korea Copyright Commission (Sept 2014, Makati City)

•Lead Convener, 2014 AIKS Conference on Korean Studies, „The Hallyu Mosaic in the Philippines: Framing Perceptions and Praxis‟ (2014, Ateneo de Manila University)

•Invited Presenter, OPM Summit organized by FILSCAP (2014, Manila)

•Co-Organizer, AIKS-PIKO Inaugural Colloquium: Promoting Comparative Studies on the Philippines and South Korea (2014, Manila)

•Presenter, 2nd Philippines Korean Studies Symposium/PKSS (2013, Manila)

•Presenter/Philippine Representative, World Association for Hallyu Studies (2013, Seoul)

•Co-Evaluator, Global Korean Scholarship for Filipino students (April and October 2013, Nov 2012, October 2011)

•Co-Organizer, Country Briefing on Korea (2012-present, with the Office of International Relations, Ateneo de Manila University)

•Presenter, International Conference on Korean Wave in Southeast Asia: Consumption and Cultural Production (2013, Kuala Lumpur)

•Co-Organizer, 1st Campus Korea Event in the Philippines (2012, with the Korea Tourism Organization/KTO)

•Convener, Philippine-Based Teachers of Korean Language/PHILTOKEN (2012, Ateneo Initiative for Korean Studies, Ateneo de Manila University)

•Co-Organizer, Korean Book and Culture Caravan (2012, with the Korean Cultural Center/KCC)

•Presenter, 1st Philippines Korean Studies Symposium/PKSS (2012, Manila)

•Co-Coordinator, 3rd Philippines-Korea Partnership Forum – jointly organized by the Embassy of the

Republic of the Philippines and the Ateneo Initiative for Korean Studies (2012, Manila)

•Coordinator, 2nd Philippines-Korea Partnership Forum – jointly organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Philippines, Ateneo Center for Asian Studies and University of the Philippines Asian Center (2011, Manila)

•Presenter/Philippine Representative, ASEAN-Korea Frontier Forum/핚-아세안센터 포럼 대표자

(2010, Seoul) [Paper presented: “Revitalizing the ASEAN Way: The Way Forward to Lasting Coexistence”] • Research Coordinator, Korea Institute for Southeast Asian Studies Research on „Filipino Perception of Korea‟/동남아핚국학회 핚국에 대핚 필리핀의 인식에 대한 연구 (2009, Manila)

•Philippine Representative, 1st World Congress for Korean Language Educators/제 1 회 세계 핚국어 교육자 대회 필리핀 대표자 (2009, Seoul)

•Filipino Judge, University of the Philippines Annual Korean Language Speech Competition (since 2008)

•Filipino Korean Language Instructor to pass Intermediate TOPIK – Test of Proficiency in Korean Language/핚국어 능력 시험 중급 자격증 취득 교사 (2008)

•Panel Organizer and Discussant, “State and Non-State Actors in the RP-ROK Relations: Tracing Its Roots and Future Prospects”, Annual Meeting of the Association for Asian Studies/동양학학회 연례 회의 발포자 (Atlanta, USA, 2008) •Philippine Representative, Yonsei University Global Network/연세대학교 언어교육원 핚국어학당 언어교육기관 세미나 동나아/필리핀 대표자 (2007, Seoul)

•Korean Studies Coordinator, International Evangelical College (2006-2008, Antipolo)

•Presenter, Asia Culture Forum/동양문화포럼참석/발표자 (2006, Gwangju)

•Founding Member and Former Secretary, Pinoy Iskolars sa Korea/PIKO (2006, Seoul)

•Special Guest Presenter, Annual Meeting of the United Korean Community Association/필리핀 핚이연합회 연레 회의 초청자 (2005, Manila)

•Co-Presenter, “Koreans in the Philippines and Hallyu”/”필리핀, 그리고 핚류” 초청 연사, Institute of Technology and Humanities (2005, Batangas)

•Member, Korean Studies Association in the Philippines/KOSAP (2005, Asian Center, University of the Philippines)

•Grand Prize Winner, University of the Philippines 2nd Korean Language Speech Competition/필리핀 국립 대학교 제 2 회 핚국어 말하기 대회 1 위 수상 (2005, Manila)


•“The Role of Overseas Student Organizations in Promoting Bottom-Up, Two-Way Public Diplomacy: A Case Study of PIKO – Pinoy Iskolars sa Korea” Published in the Philippines Korean Studies Symposium Proceedings, 2014

•“The Globalization of Hangeugeo (핚국어의 세계화): Exploring the Spread of Korean Language Education in the Philippines and Its Prospects for Promoting Philippine National Interests” Published as Thesis, Master of Arts in Asian Studies, Major in Korea, University of the Philippines, 2013

•“Korean Language Education in the Philippines: A Case Study of Ateneo de Manila University‟s Korean

Language Program,” Published in the Philippines Korean Studies Symposium Proceedings, 2012 •“Doing Cultural Spaces Through CMC-Based Education: Introducing the Keio-Fudan-Yonsei Distance Learning Class,” Published in the Asia Culture Forum Proceedings, 2006

•“Distant Institution” in Perspectives on the Philippine Military, edited by by Raymund Jose G. Quilop, 2005

•Book Review on Hussin Mutalib, ed. Islam and Democracy: The Southeast Asia Experience. Singapore: Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Singapore, 2004. Published in Kasarinlan: Philippine Journal of Third World Studies Volume 20, Number 1, 2005

•Book Review on Shiela S. Coronel, et. al. The Rulemakers: How the Wealthy and Well-Born Dominate the Congress. Quezon City: Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, 2004. Published Kasarinlan: Philippine Journal of Third World Studies Volume 19, Number 2, 2004.

•Book review on David B. Dewitt and Carolina G. Hernandez, eds. The people. Vol. 2 of Development and security in Southeast Asia. England: Ashgate Publishing Limited, 2003. Published in Kasarinlan: The Philippine Journal of Third World Studies Volume 19, Number 1, 2004.


(Philippines / Korea) – Available upon request


Korean Studies in the Philippines: Incubation, Institutionalization and Indigenization

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