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Provided Programs&Courses


  1. Program (Korea-related degree offered) : Outbound Exchange Program
    • Programs Remarks - Students can take courses from partner Korean University and earn credits towards their SFU degree. Courses that can be taken include social sciences and science courses.

Coop Program

  1. Program (Korea-related degree offered) : International Coop in Korea - Teach and Learn in Korea (TaLK) program
    • Programs Remarks - International Co-op provides students with a unique opportunity to travel the world, while gaining experience in the workplace at the undergraduate level. The TALK program provide students with teaching work experience through after-school english classes at public elementary school.


  1. Program (Korea-related degree offered) : BA Asia Canada Program
    • Programs Remarks - The Asia-Canada Program, affiliated with the Department of Humanities, offers students the opportunity to investigate the connections between Asia and contemporary Canadian society. An important part of the program is the study of one or more Asian languages and cultures. The goal of the program courses is to strengthen understanding of the rich and complex relations between Asia and Canada, including the Asian dimension of life in Canada, past and present. 
    1. Korea-related Courses : ASC 101-3 Introduction to Asia-Canada Studies I
      • Courses Remarks - In this course, students will learn the history of Canada-Asia relations in the 19th and 20th centuries, with a special emphasis on Canada and East Asia. This course will aid in gaining a deeper understanding of present and historical issues related to Canada and the Transpacific, such as trade, immigration, and the environment.
    2. Korea-related Courses : ASC 102-3 Introduction to Asia-Canada Studies II
      • Courses Remarks - This course will introduce the major trends in the development of civilization in East Asia.
    3. Korea-related Courses : ASC-301-3 Asian Canadian Identities: Experiences & Perspectives
      • Courses Remarks - This course focuses on Asian Canadian cultural activism. It will explore how Asian Canadians represent their histories, experiences and identities through various forms of cultural practices and artistic forms, in particular through literature, film and visual arts.