Tan Lili

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Tan Lili
Tan Lili.jpg
Name in Latin Alphabet: Tan Lili
Nationality: 중국
Affiliation: Yunnan Nationalities University


  • Positions and Honors
    • Leader of the Public Relation - Department of the Student Union - Yunnan University
    • Vice Chairperson- Student Union of Humanities School, Yunnan University
    • Vice Chairperson- Youth Union of Kunming
    • Awarded the First Class Scholarship- Yunnan University for several times
    • Awarded the Honor of “Top Student”, “Excellent Student Cadre”
    • Awarded the Honor of “The Third Prize in teachers Bilingual Skills Competition”
    • “My Favorite Teacher Award”- Yunnan Nationalities University
  • Scientific Achievement
    • Book Published
      • China minority villages investigation: Uzbek volume”(AP), Published by Yunnan University Press, July.2004.
    • Thesis
      • “The Western Region development and the Construction and Service of Archival information Resources”. Ideological Front.2002(08).
      • “Digital Input of Archival information of Ethnical Writing History Collected in Library”. Journal of Yunnan University for Nationalities. 2003 (04).
      • “Bronze Culture and Dian Region”. Western Scientific Research Anthnology. 2003.
      • “Studies on Protective Techniques about Historical Archives Carved in Stone for Minorities in Southwestern China”.Study of Ethnics in Guangxi. 2005(03).
      • “The precious Historical archives of Naxi Domba”. Archives Science Bulletin.2005(05).
      • “The Uzbek Nationality in Danan Village”.Ethnic Minorities.2005.
      • “The development of Yunnan Ethnics during the period of Qin and Han Dynasty”.Ideological Front.2005(06).
      • “The precious Seals Historical Archives of Southwestern Ethnic Minorities”.Lantai Anthology.2006.
      • “The Uzbek Nationality: Danan Village of Mulei County, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region”. Development in the past 30 years of Chinese ethnic rural.2009.
      • “Protection of non-material cultural heritage of Wa Nationality's folk songs in Cangyuan of Yunnan Province”. Yunnan Archives. 2013(01).
      • “Study on present situation and protection of Wa Nationality's oral history archive in Cangyuan of Yunnan Province”.Archives management. 2013(02).
      • “The value and significance of historical heritage in ethnic festivals:Siganglee Carniva Festival as an example”.Yunnan Archives.2014(09).
      • “The Lahu epic’s inheritance of conscious and unconscious of MuPaMiPa”. Journal of Wenshan University. 2015(10).
  • Other Skills
    • Proficiency in English: CET – Band 6 (Excellent in English Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, and teaching the Business English and Secretarial English courses in the University.)
    • Computer Skills: Well-versed in MS Office, Research and Internet Applications

  • Current Position
    • Associate Professor: Yunnan Nationalities University, Kunming, P.R. China
    • Job Description: Engaged in teaching and research activities, supervise graduate and under-grade students in ethnic academic researches/studies.


  • Learning Experience
    • Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D) in History Literature- School of Public Administration, Yunnan University, Kunming, China. Sept., 2004 -- July, 2008
    • Masters (MA) in Historic Ethnic Archival Science- Faculty of Humanities, Yunnan University, Kunming, China. Sept., 2001 -- July, 2004
    • Bachelors of Arts (B.A) in Archival Science - Faculty of Humanities, Yunnan University, Kunming, China. Sept., 1997-- July, 2001
  • Learning Experience in Foreign Countries
    • Department of Chinese, Qing Mai University, Thailand. From Jan - Dec, 2010, Teaching of Chinese as a foreign language for Thailand University students.
    • Yangon, Myanmar. June. 2013, and Oct. 2014, Attended a seminar on ethnic and religious culture of Myanma and China.