Understanding Korea materials - All About Korea 2014 - Arts & Culture: Korean Traditional House, Hanok

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Korean Traditional House, Hanok

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▶ Arts & Culture ▶ Architecture
  • Summary: This film showcases the architectural features, nature-friendly characteristics and seasonal changes in the unique appearance of hanok (traditional Korean housing). It also brings attention to an urgent need to preserve existing hanok neighborhoods, which are rapidly being lost due to new development projects. · Language (Subtitle): English, Japanese
  • Format: DVD (NTSC, PAL)
  • Year of Publication: 2008
  • Running Time: 52minutes
  • Publisher: KNTV (Japan), SkyFish Media (Korea) (KF Sponsored)
  • Price: Not for sale, but available through official request from institutions
  • Inquiry: The Korea Foundation (+82-2-2151-6520)