Understanding Korea materials - All About Korea 2014 - Economy & Society: Secrets behind Korea’s Economic Success

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Secrets behind Korea’s Economic Success

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▶ Economy & Society ▶ Economic Situation
  • Summary: This documentary unveils the secrets behind how the poorest country in the world escaped poverty and grew to become the world’s 14th largest economy and the first Asian nation to host the G20 Summit in 2010. The film identifies key factors behind Korea’s economic success such as strategies, unceasing efforts and investments that helped the nation achieve what the world came to call the “Miracle on the Han River.”
  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Arabic, Korean
  • Format: DVD (NTSC, PAL)
  • Year of Publication: 2010
  • Running Time: 24minutes
  • Publisher: The Korea Foundation
  • Price: Not for sale, but available through official request from institutions
  • Inquiry: The Korea Foundation (+82-2-2151-6520)