Understanding Korea materials - All About Korea 2014 - Economy & Society: Writing Korean Language - Beginner Level

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Writing Korean Language - Beginner Level

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▶ Economy & Society ▶ Language
  • Summary: This material is intended to help students learn Korean culture and language by setting goals at the beginning of each chapter as well as by using various images. Each chapter contains related cultural examples in the middle or at the end of the lesson. The lesson also offers a self-assessment section to help students to track their progress in learning Korean.
  • Language: English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Mongolian, Korean
  • Format: e-learning
  • Year of Creation: 2010
  • Learning Time: 30minutes x 20epi
  • Price: Not for sale
  • Inquiry: King Sejong Institute Foundation Nurisejong Department (+82-2-3276-0737)
  • Level: Elementary