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National Theater Company of Korea

AllAboutKorea2014 img www ntck or kr.jpg
  • Homepage: 국립극단 http://www.ntck.or.kr
  • Language: English, Korean
  • The National Theater Company of Korea, revamped and reorganized through incorporation, is being newly launched as a repertory troupe. The company hopes to build an outstanding repertoire by supporting artistic new works and rediscovering previous productions. As Korea’s singular national theater company, the company will focus on standing significant works overlooked by the private sector.

Cultural Heritage Administration

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  • Homepage: 문화재청 http://cha.go.kr
  • Language: English, Korean
  • This is the official English website of Korea’s Cultural Heritage Administration.

Korea Craft & Design Foundation

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  • Homepage: 한국공예·디자인문화진흥원 http://www.kcdf.kr
  • Language: English, Korean
  • Korean Craft & Promotion Foundation is a subsidiary body of Culture Ministry that provides a place to exchange information on craftwork and culture and tourism products in Seoul’s Insa-dong.

Korean Fine Arts Association

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  • Homepage: 사단법인 한국미술협회 http://www.kfaa.or.kr
  • Language: English, Korean
  • Korean Fine Arts Association endeavors to advance the nation’s fine arts, advocates the rights and interests of artists, promotes the international exchange of the fine arts and encourages the mutual assistance among artists.

Korean Institute of Architects

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National Gugak Center

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  • Homepage: 국립국악원 http://www.gugak.go.kr
  • Language: English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Russian, Korean
  • National Gugak Center traces its roots all the way back to the Eumseongseo, the Silla Dynasty’s Royal Institute of Music, over fourteen hundreds years ago.

Seoul Film Commission

AllAboutKorea2014 img www seoulfc or kr.jpg
  • Homepage: 서울영상위원회 http://www.seoulfc.or.kr
  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean
  • Seoul Film Commission supports all film makers of today and tomorrow, and the work of all those film makers. With more efforts added, I believe Seoul will become an even more attractive, cultural city.

Korea Ceramic Foundation

AllAboutKorea2014 img www kocef org.jpg
  • Homepage: 한국도자재단 http://www.kocef.org
  • Language: English, Japanese, Korean Korea
  • Ceramic Foundation was founded for the purpose of pioneering new fronts for ceramic art in the 21st century, as well as providing a basis for the Icheon, Gwangju and Yeoju regions to grow and develop into the centers of the international ceramic community.