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{{Understanding Korea materials Information
{{Understanding Korea materials Information
|Title = [Understanding Korea Series No.1]<br>Early Printings in Korea
|Title = [Understanding Korea Series No.2]<br>Early Printings in Korea
|Cover = UKS2_Ealry_Printings_eng.jpg
|Cover = UKS2_Early_Printings_in_Korea_eng.jpg
|Written by = Ok, Young Jung
|Written by = Ok, Young Jung
|Published in = 2013
|Published in = 2013

2016년 12월 14일 (수) 14:24 판

[Understanding Korea Series No.2]
Early Printings in Korea
UKS2 Early Printings in Korea eng.jpg
Written by Ok, Young Jung
Published in 2013
Published by The Academy of Korean Studies Press
Edited by The Center for International Affairs



1. Korea’s Memory of the World and Early Printing (古印刷)

2. The Origins of World Printing Culture and Korea

1) The Emergence of Printing Culture and Korea

2) The Development of Printing Materials

3. Woodblock Printing and Movable Type Printing

1) Woodblock Printing

2) Movable Type Printing

3) Other Early Printing

4. The Invention and Development of Metal Movable Type Printing

1) Metal Movable Type Casting

2) Metal Movable Type Typesetting

5. The Publishing Entities of Korean Traditional Prints

1) The Government Publications (官)

2) The Private Publications





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