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{{Understanding Korea materials Information
|Title = Understanding Korea Series No.1<br>Hangeul
|Cover = UKS1_Hangeul_eng.jpg
|Written by = Lee Jiyoung
|Published in = 2013
|Published by = The Academy of Korean Studies Press
|Edited by = The Center for International Affairs
==[[Understanding Korea materials - Hangeul: Foreword|Foreword]]==
==[[Understanding Korea materials - Hangeul: Foreword|Foreword]]==

2016년 12월 14일 (수) 13:52 판

Understanding Korea Series No.1
UKS1 Hangeul eng.jpg
Written by Lee Jiyoung
Published in 2013
Published by The Academy of Korean Studies Press
Edited by The Center for International Affairs



1. Korean Language and Hangeul in East Asia

2. Transcription of Korean Using Chinese Characters

3. The Creation of Hunminjeongeum

1) King Sejong and Hunminjeongeum

2) The Design Principles of Hunminjeongeum Letters

3) The Phonological Features of the 28 Letters of Hunminjeongeum

4) Letter Usage

4. Changes of Hangeul

1) Changes in the Name: From Hunminjeongeum to Hangeul

2) Changes of Letters

5. History of Hangeul Usage

1) Records Written in Hangeul

2) Establishment of Korean Orthography

3) The Script Reform: Mixed Script to Hangeul-only Script

6. Hangeul Now





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