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Understanding Korea Series No.1
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About the Author

Lee, Ji-young

Majored in Korean Linguistics. Associate Professor of Korean Linguistics at the Academy of Korean Studies.
Currently researching the historical changes of the Korean language and is greatly interested in examining the characteristics of Korean from a typological perspective. Publications include The Historical Change of Verbal Negation in Korean, Korean Vocabulary in the Japanese Colonial Period: Receiving a Foreign Culture through Language (Co-authored), “The Characteristics of Dictionnaire Coréen-Français from View Point of the History of Korean Lexicography,” “The Formation of the Sentence-Final Ending ‘-chi’ from the View Point of Clause Combining,” “The Acceptance of Foreign Geographical Name in Korea: On the Geographical Books on the World from late 19th century to early 20th century,” and so on.

Understanding Korea Series No.1 Hangeul

Foreword · Acknowledgments

1. Korean Language and Hangeul in East Asia · Appendix: Korean and the Altaic Family

2. Transcription of Korean Using Chinese Characters

3. The Creation of Hunminjeongeum · 3.1 King Sejong and Hunminjeongeum · Appendix: King Sejong and Jiphyeonjeon(The Academy of Worthies) · 3.2 The Design Principles of Hunminjeongeum Letters · Appendix: Various Hypotheses on the Creation of Hunminjeongeum · Appendix: Special Features of the Korean Alphabet(called Hunminjeoneum or Hangeul) · 3.3 The Phonological Features of the 28 Letters of Hunminjeongeum · Appendix: The Philosophical Background of Hunminjeongeum · 3.4 Letter Usage

4. Changes of Hangeul · 4.1 Changes in the Name: From Hunminjeongeum to Hangeul · 4.2 Changes of Letters

5. History of Hangeul Usage · 5.1 Records Written in Hangeul · 5.2 Establishment of Korean Orthography · Appendix: Korean Romanization · 5.3 The Script Reform: Mixed Script to Hangeul-only Script

6. Hangeul Now

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