Understanding Korea materials - Korea's Religious Places

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[Understanding Korea Series No.6]
Korea's Religious Places
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Written by Mark Peterson
Published in 2016
Published by Seoul Selection
Edited by Understanding Korea Project Team



1. Buddhism

1) Characteristics: A Who's Who at a Buddhist Temple

2. Confucianism

1) Jongmyo Shrine (The Royal Ancestral Shrine)

2) Seonggyungwan National Academy

2) Hyanggyo (Local Confucian Schools)

2) Seowon (Private Confucian Academies)

3. Christianity

1) Myeong-dong Cathedral, Seoul

2) Yakhyeon Cathedral, Seoul

3) Incheon Dapdong Cathedral, Incheon

4) Jeonju Jeondong Cathedral, Jeonju

5) Chungdong First Methodist Church, Seoul

6) Jeam-ri Methodist Church, Hwaseong

7)Geumsan Presbyterian Church, Gimje

8) Ganghwa Anglican Cathedral, Ganghwado Island

4. Other Religions

1) Cheondogyo (Donghak)

2) Daejonggyo (Religion of Dangun)

3) Won-Buddhism

4) Shamanism

5) Islam


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