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[Understanding Korea Series No.3]
Korean Confucianism
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Written by Edward Y. J. Chung
Published in 2015
Published by The Academy of Korean Studies Press
Edited by The Center for International Affairs


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1. Confucianism: Great Teachers and Teachings

2. Korean Confucianism: A Short History

3. Eminent Korean Thinkers and Scholars

4. Self-Cultivation: The Way of Learning to be Human

5. The Ethics of Human Relationships: Confucian Influence on Korean Family, Society, and Language

6. Education, Confucian Values, and Economic Development in Twentieth-Century Korea

7. Confucianism and Globalization: National Identity and Cultural Assimilation

8. Modern Korean Women and Confucian Values: Change and Assimilation

9. Ancestral Rites and Family Moral Spirituality: A Living Tradition in Today’s Korea

10. Koreans and Confucianism in the West: Some International Reflections

11. The Relevance and Future of Korean Confucianism in the Modern World

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